The 99 initiative

Typically more than 99% of deals are rejected by VC's, so founders have to reach a lot of investors before they finally secure funding.

Offering their support for the early-stage ecosystem, these Fantastic investors, accelerators and professional associations have committed to help entrepreneurs to quickly and efficiently reach the widest segment of the funding market by referring founders, if their fund's investment criteria don't make for a good fit, to Fantastic Beasts and other venues for matching founders and investors.

Will your firm join The 99, to make the early-stage funding ecosystem work better for everyone? Contact us here.

"This is a very positive initiative, since it should make the process of identifying and researching appropriate investment opportunities more efficient. Clearly it is also helpful for founders who are fundraising since it enables them to reach suitable investors more easily and we are particularly keen to support the national economy with such measures, during this exceptionally difficult time." - Mark Brownridge, Director General.
Mountside Ventures
Mountside Ventures looks to optimise the fundraising process for European startups and investors. They help the most ambitious entrepreneurs raise their Next Round of funding, with terms that are right for them, and causing the least amount of disruption to their business. They also connect the most promising Venture Fund Managers with forward-looking Limited Partners to promote the flow of venture capital into the European ecosystem.
Triple Point
Triple Point is a leading early stage venture capital investor, based in London. Triple Point has previously backed LendInvest, Contis, PaymentSense, Capital on Tap, Flatfair, Quit Genius and other high growth businesses.
The Side By Side Partnership
We take businesses with proven ideas and help their management team turn them into great companies. We give them access to advice and guidance from those who have done it before not just financed it before.
1982 ventures
1982 Ventures is a Singapore based VC firm (MAS licensed) focused on investing in early stage fintech start-ups in Southeast Asia. We have experience leading and executing fintech deals in the region. Our focus makes us the first port of call for fintech founders and first money in. Our local networks provide us exclusive deal flow, on-the-ground insights and access to decision makers. 1982 Ventures is investing in and supporting the best founders to positively impact the future of financial services in Southeast Asia.
Consilience Ventures
Consilience Ventures was founded to intelligently accelerate growth for deep tech startups by aligning stakeholder incentives , developing smart technology, and building community. We are a platform of vetted startups, skilled professional investors , and expert service providers , such as excited entrepreneurs, accountants, lawyers, business developers and technical specialists. We are creating a new way of investing in and accelerating startups more incrementally, with less risk, more profitably, with greater liquidity, and at a lower cost to Founders, investors and Experts.
Based in the heart of Birmingham, Midven are a venture capital firm with over 20 years’ experience helping entrepreneurs to build strong and successful companies. We offer more than money; our approach is hands-on, and we spend time and effort to give entrepreneurs the support and expertise they need every step of the way. Entrepreneurs benefit from our mentoring, resources, and connections, which help them to overcome the challenges they face when scaling up their business.
Vantage Venture
Vantage Venture helps SaaS founders to scale their businesses with access to over 100 early-stage venture capital firms in South East Asia. We take pride in being highly selective of the SaaS founders we choose to help. We love meeting founders with a chip on their shoulders and are missionaries of their vision, not mercenaries. Unlike others, we are helpful regardless of gender, color, age, background and experience as we are believers in the power of human potential. If you have a super power, we will be delighted to hear your story!
Ruffena Capital
Ruffena Capital is a corporate finance business that focuses on advising and raising capital for exceptional, privately held businesses. We prepare our clients for fund-raising and then source the optimal blend of equity and debt on the right terms and from the right investors, funds and family offices for their business to grow. We typically work with established growth businesses seeking later stage investment from £1m and upwards.
Cabra VC
Cabra VC is a venture capital firm focused on subscription-based startups in the USA and India. We invest in early-stage post-revenue companies and support young teams to grow rapidly. Our team has more than 10 years of successful experience of joint work. We have a deep knowledge of building and running subscription-based companies from scratch. Before setting up Cabra VC in 2016 we launched a wide range of IT and Telco services and attracted millions of subscribers that generate hundreds of millions of dollars revenues to date. All that makes us a strong partner for a startup at any stage. We are available in the Bay Area (USA), in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore (India), in Moscow (Russia) as well as in Europe.
IMPULSE: A unique acceleration program developed by Mohammed VI Polytechnic University and supported by OCP Group and its subsidiary OCP Africa. IMPULSE is a 12-week acceleration program dedicated to innovative startups in the fields of Agritech, BioTech, Mining Tech and Materials Science & Nano Engineering. IMPULSE will help entrepreneurs take their startups to the next level and bridge connections with OCP Group, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), MassChallenge and their ecosystems.